Are you ready to unlock your potential?

We deliver professional agribusiness management services, fostering the ability to maximise performance and seize opportunities, something we like to call agbility.

Why work with agbility?

agbility is built on experience and expertise that have been cultivated through our passion for agribusiness and helping those we collaborate with to unlock their potential.


Unlock Your Potential

Create value and inspire possibility.

We Get It

Agribusiness is our business.

Maximise Performance

Acquire new tools and increase capability.

Passion and Pride

Expertise cultivated through our passion for agribusiness.

Seize Opportunities

Build a foundation to raise the bar.

Empowering Growth

Enthusiastic professionals making it happen.

The agbility attitude

Driven to unlock the potential of those we engage with, the agbility attitude encompasses the following expanses.

Farm Management

We’re ready to roll up our sleeves.

Success relies on the ability of today’s farmers to manage their resources to meet the challenges of varying costs, unpredictable returns and changing climatic conditions. Recognising the challenge, making observations, analysing these observations and testing alternative solutions to these observations are what we do best.

We enjoy rolling up the sleeves, assisting with the development and execution of your farming strategy to build healthier, resilient, more profitable ventures. Ability can assist with;


  • Farm advisory and Farm Supervisory
  • Growing the practical on farm technical skills of the farming team
  • Comprehensive monthly farm reporting
  • Coaching and leadership development to the farm team


Financial Management

We’ll take care of the books, you take care of the cows.

Cultivating robust financial management practices unlocking the potential to understand the financial performance of your business. Agribusiness is exposed to a continually changing global environment, at agbility we appreciate the value in providing high quality information to formulate timely effective decisions. Our focus is to deliver business administration services with proficiency and accuracy to alleviate your team from financial administration and management, enabling you time to focus on what is important to you.

Agbility can assist with;

  • Xero and Figured
  • Budgeting and cashflow analysis
  • Reporting – periodic reporting and completion of bank required reports
  • Cashbook administration including processing and account reconciliation
  • Payroll – employee payroll processing and PAYE filing returns and payment
  • GST – Filing return and payment

Team Synergy

Empowering your team, to empower your business.

Inspiring a high trust interaction culture to generate possibility and maximise performance is what excites us. With our enthusiasm for people and their potential, agbility can assist with the cultivation of this environment to build capabilities required for high performing teams. Agbility equips teams with the tools to develop and execute a personalised team development plan encouraging self-leadership.

At agbility our vision is to inspire people to unlock their potential. The only gap between dreams and reality is action, we strive to empower individuals to a point where they are exceeding their own expectations. Individual and team coaching can help accelerate this.

Health & Safety

We want to get you home for dinner.

At agbility we are passionate about people, passionate about getting people home to their families. Providing a safe working environment can often be correlated with the ability of your team to easily understand and use an effective health and safety management system.  

OnSide have developed an easy to use mobile app that combines all of the key elements required to build a Health & Safety plan that complies with Health & Safety legislation.  Motivated to encourage a positive attitude towards health and safety in the agribusiness sector, agbility can assist with getting your agribusiness established with OnSide. 

Rural Property 

Your livelihood is in safe hands.

Rural real estate buyers are sophisticated investors requiring a high level of detail when contemplating their next opportunity and vendors necessitate an in depth understanding of the primary sector.

Understanding the complexities of the primary sector, agbility is well positioned to provide both parties with sound specialist advice to ensure the next step in rural real estate is well supported to make the right decision.

Agbility can provide you with current information about properties, potential buyers, market trends and prices and is committed to keeping you informed throughout all the vital stages of the rural real estate process.

The Crew

Richard Greaves

Rolled up sleeves, country boy, family man, agribusiness enthusiast, good bugger, sports addict, superb off his left foot.

Richard is a born and bred country boy, with the accolades of someone who not only lives it, but loves it. After growing up on a Sheep & Beef Station in the back blocks of Gisborne, Richard ventured to the UK for two years to play rugby and explore, before obtaining a Bachelor of Business Studies. With a passion for the agricultural sector Richard put his business skills to work, pursuing a dairy farming career milking 1400 cows in both Hawkes Bay and Canterbury. This passion paid off, with not only several of his employees winning at the National NZ Dairy Industry Awards, but Richard also securing NZ Runner Up in the Sharemilker of the Year and Hawkes Bay/Wairarapa Regional Winner.

As his achievements show Richard is competitive, passionate, and solutions driven – traits that align well with his passion for people and drive to help others unlock their potential. His extensive agribusiness knowledge and farming background, combined with his down-to-earth nature, means you can believe Richard when he says he has the solution you’ve been looking for.

For someone who will add value to your investment, choose Richard.


Joanna Greaves

Fishing enthusiast, conversationalist, mother of four, grass roots, not your usual bean counter, possibility activator, kale queen, wellbeing warrior, walks the talk, ever curious.

Joanna is one of those rare finds that not only says she understands what you need before you need it, but means it when she does. Her journey began in the Manawatu, growing up on a Potato Cropping and Dairy Farming property, before becoming a Chartered Accountant. Subsequent to working in the Accountancy field, Joanna, together with Richard, decided to pursue their passion for farming and commenced a career in the Dairy Industry milking 1400 cows in both Hawkes Bay and Canterbury. This passion led to placing NZ Runner Up in the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards, as well as becoming an NZ Dairy Awards Executive Member – showing that Joanna not only lives and breathes agribusiness, she is skilled at it. The only difference now, is that her skills are there for your taking.  

Through agbility Joanna’s chartered accounting qualifications, her hands-on know how, and full zest approach to life, are combined to help you make the most of opportunities for growth in yourself and in your business. She is passionate about fostering an environment that empowers others to unlock their potential.

For someone that will brighten your day, whilst brightening your prospects, call Joanna.


Capturing Value

Using Richards’s advice, we have hit a goldmine of practical information. Richard provides clear actionable advice that our Farm Managers can implement from day one. Richard’s rapport with our Farm Managers along with his hands on industry experience and technical advice have given the company the ability to take farms to a higher level of productivity and people management.

Simon Hunt

Richard and Joanna have a strong focus on capitalizing potential striving for excellence and have always been current with their knowledge on the wider agricultural industry. They always encourage others in the industry, to excel and realise their own potential, something which is seldom seen.

Simon Lee

Richard can relate to the guys at the grass roots of the operation and also relates well to the high level thinking of a large scale business view with a broader view of the company and its assets. Outside my role as a CEO, I am a long time farmer of 35 years, I have no problem in recommending Richard as firstly a very good broad minded consultant who has an excellent personality that is easy to get on with.

Terry Carr

Joanna’s hands on agricultural expertise combined with strong financial competencies has proven invaluable to our potato cropping and dairy farming enterprise. Joanna’s broad understanding of the agriculture sector and her attention to detail have enhanced our business planning and decision making processes. The transition to Xero and Figured has been a seamless process and her excellent communication skills have improved the level of financial understanding within our business.

Paul Olsen